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Destination: Graduation - Alisha Decatur

This series highlights graduating seniors from Covington's Holmes High School and is provided Covington Independent Public Schools:

Alisha Decatur credits Holmes High School with fostering her love for music and being a place of second chances.
Alisha, 17, had some personal problems that caused her grades to drop in her freshman year. Once she came through that difficult time, she buckled down with school work and pulled her grades up. She made all As and Bs last year and has a 3.75 GPA this year.
Through the process, Alisha learned an important lesson from staff and teachers at Holmes: “If you mess up, there is a second chance and you better take it,” she said. 
For freshmen, she advises: “Stay in school and have fun.”

Alisha has been involved in many activities, including the art club, choir and school plays. She also has taken classes at Gateway Technical and Community College. She also was in the Covington Mentoring Program.

Alisha has found a way to have fun and excel at Holmes. She has been involved in concert band for seven years and in marching band for five years. 

She plays baritone, trombone and the piano. One of the highlights of her high school years has been the marching band going to the state tournament this school year. The band secured sixth place in the quarter finals and tied for 15th in the semi-final competition.
The band has been like family, Alisha said. 

Band Director Jared Murray describes Alisha as a hard-working student who has overcome obstacles in life to achieve academic success.
“Academics and music never came as easy to her as others, but she fought to become the student/musician she is today,” he said.
“Her work ethic is superior compared to most others. She also has a true compassion for others that is not seen by many students her age.” 

That compassion shows through in Alisha’s chosen career. She wants to go to Morehead State University and eventually enroll in a veterinarian program. She has volunteered at a pet shop for two years.
“I want a steady job and a great home,” she said. “I want to have long-term friends and make people happy by helping their animals in need.”

Photo: Alisha Decatur/provided