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National Attention Continues to Fall on Covington "Bingo Yeller" Story

UPDATE (12:29 P.M.): The police officer who cited Austyn Whaley is telling more about his side of the story, exclusively to The River City News Click Here


Austyn Whaley, the 18-year old man banned from saying the word "Bingo" for six months, continues to get national attention over the case that landed him in front of a Kenton Co. judge.

Whaley shouted "Bingo!" at Pike Place Bingo on Covington's Pike Place, even though he did not have a bingo -- a serious offense for serious bingo games.

He was handcuffed and cited by an off-duty Park Hill police officer working a private detail at the bingo hall (which will soon be home to Covington City Hall). A Kenton Co. Judge banned Whaley from going near the bingo hall and banned him from using the word "bingo" for six months.

The strangeness of the case and the sentencing was ripe for judgment on national news and comedy shows.

According to Whaley's public Facebook page, he will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night. His case has already scored laughs on Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon. It's been picked up by all the national cable news outlets and wire services.

His story was aired on The Today Show late last week:

According to the Facebook post, Whaley is expected to Skype with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night.

Photo: Pike Place Bingo Hall/RCN file

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