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CNN's Anderson Cooper Mocks Covington Over "Bingo" Story

If this story were an actual game of Bingo, it would be one of those endless coveralls.

Yet another national media outlet has picked up and featured the story of the 18-year old Latonia man who walked into Pike Place Bingo, shouted "Bingo!", disrupted the game, became belligerent, was handcuffed by an off-duty police officer, was cited for disorderly conduct, and sentenced by a judge to avoid saying the word bingo for six months.

This time it was CNN's Anderson Cooper who featured the story on his nightly "RidicuList".

The prime time host (who also has a daytime show that already had a laugh over this story) quipped, "Tonight we have the story of an 18-year old man who is charged with tarnishing the heretofore pristine bingo scene of Covington, Kentucky."

And, "Do we really need security at bingo games? Apparently we do?" 

And, "As you might imagine this crime has turned the town of Covington, Kentucky upside down with residents running scared afraid some other young hooligan teenager might yell, bingo, at any moment!"

Cooper joins a growing chorus of national media that are mocking the story but the police officer involved, Richard Webster of the Park Hills Police, exclusively shared with The River City News his side of the story, indicating that the Bingo-yellin' man was less than a pleasant prankster.

Watch the video from last night's Anderson Cooper 360 below (if player does not appear, click here)

Photo: Anderson Cooper/CNN

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