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No Immediate Plans to Remodel Covington Kroger, Company Says

A note from the editor:

There were some rumors floating around that the Kroger location on Madison Avenue in Covington was planning a remodel but according to a company spokesperson that is not the case. "We have no immediate plans for that location," the spokesperson told The River City News.

I was shopping at that location a few weeks ago and overheard a conversation about a planned remodel and made sure to ask at checkout if there were plans. I was told that there were in fact plans and that the store would not close during the process and would rather be remodeled in sections, starting in mid-March or mid-April.

Was really looking forward to that. The store could use a facelift. 

I called the Kroger Company the next day to see if I could confirm anything and was told that some plans would be made available to me the next week. 

So, I waited. And never heard back.

I called again eight days later and that's when I was told that there were no immediate plans.

The spokesperson told me that they do evaluate each location, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that this store could be freshened up at some point in our lifetime.

But I was back there last night shopping and everything still looked the same.

The same as it's looked for seemingly three decades. Want to see photos from when it opened? Check out pics from 1981 from the Kenton Co. Library herehere, here.

Had you heard anything? What do you think about the Madison Avenue Kroger?

-Michael Monks, editor

Photo: Madison Ave. Kroger/RCN

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