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Destination: Graduation - Jessica Gilligan

This series highlights graduating seniors from Covington's Holmes High School and is provided by Covington Independent Public Schools:

In April Jessica Gilligan will investigate a crime scene as part of the Skills USA statewide competition. 

The 18-year-old Holmes senior had her first introduction to criminal investigations as part of the high school’s career clusters program that allows students to get practical experience in different fields. Through the program, Jessica has explored criminal justice jobs and learned about investigating crime scenes. During the competition she expects to fingerprint, take pictures and use other investigative methods.

Holmes’ career program has deepened her interest in police work, and Jessica hopes to become a police officer one day.

She also wants to be the first in her family to graduate from college.

English teacher Shannon Reeves expects Jessica to reach her goals. “She is a very conscientious student and, consequently, makes very good grades. She completes assignments fully and on time. She is also well-behaved in class.” Ms. Reeves uses other attributes, such as hardworking and good-hearted when describing Jessica.

“She treats others with respect, Ms. Reeves said.

Jessica credits Ms. Reeves for helping her stay on track and being supportive. “Ms. Reeves was always there for me,” Jessica said. “I could talk to her about anything. She pushed me to do better. She always made sure I did my work.”

Jessica has been active throughout her high school career. She started cheering as an elementary school student and continued through high school. Her best memory at Holmes has been going to the state competition this year and “bonding” with her teammates. She loves cheering.

Other activities have included soccer, modeling club and participation in the Principal Advisory Council. As a member of the council, Jessica had a chance to talk to other students in Northern Kentucky and try to implement changes at the high school.

She also has been involved in school musicals, including “Seussical the Musical,” “The Christmas Pageant,” “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” and “Once Upon An Island.”

Her advice to freshmen would be to take school seriously. “When it starts, everything counts,” she said.

Her most important life lesson has been, “Friends come and go, but (you) always need to be yourself.”

Photo: Jessica Gilligan/provided

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