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Three More Flu-Related Deaths Reported in Northern Kentucky

Three more people in Northern Kentucky have died from flu-related illnesses, the Northern Kentucky Health Department reports.

A man and a woman from Campbell County and a man from Boone County are the latest victims. No further details were released about the victims.

In a season that saw the highest number of flue cases ever reported in the region, the virus refuses to go away.

Through Saturday, 3,132 cases of flu were reported in Northern Kentucky in the 2012-13 flu season.

Last year only 284 cases were reported.

The Northern Kentucky Health Department reports that recent flu cases have increased in severity with more people requiring hospitalization. One if four of the flu cases reported last week required hospitalization, a number that is much higher than normal, the department said.

The Health Department will offer a limited number of doses of the flu vaccine by appointment at its county health centers.

Those who are able to pay a $20 fee for the vaccine will be asked to do so; those who are unable to pay will not be turned away.

Some may have the fees reduced and even eliminated through either a federal program providing vaccines to children; or for individuals covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

Source: Northern Kentucky Health Department


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