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Kids Offer Tips for Easter Egg Hunt Saturday at Devou Park

For the last fifteen years, Recreations Specialist Cindy Swegles has managed the Devou Park Easter Egg Hunt, rain or shine, targeted at children ages 3-12 years old. It is one of a handful of annual events that the city's Recreations Department produces and it is amongst their most well-attended with approximately 800 eager children in a collective frenzy to find over 10,000 eggs in a field. Some of those eggs have prize tickets associated with an array of special prizes; others are candy. Cindy reports there are 350 prizes available.

The event begins at 1:30pm with the arrival of the Easter Bunny on a Covington Fire Truck; the Easter Egg Hunt begins promptly at 2pm. "Kids should be prepared for some hefty competition - the hunt gets pretty heated and we've got some real egg hunting experts that attend!" Says Cindy.

In an in-depth interview with local Easter Egg Hunt Experts, Livia, 7 years old, offers this advice to any kid looking to get the most eggs: " Make sure you go to the back of the field to get the most eggs because everyone will start at the front." Daisy, 9 years old and from Covington, agrees with Livia and adds, "if it's muddy, wear boots and do not wear a dress because it would get all muddy. I prefer sweat pants, or jeans and a t-shirt and it's usually cold so you want to keep warm." Livia also says to "wear clothing with big pockets if you forget to bring a basket, but if you bring a basket make sure it's tall so that the eggs don't fall out when you run." Livia's remembers that at last year's event, she used a regular tote bag to gather her eggs.

Niall, 4, had some advice to offer kids who see an egg at the same time that another kid sees it. He says, "If the other kid is closer, then just go get another egg."

The event takes place at the Volpenhein Pavilion, located near the Drees Pavillion in Devou Park and the event is organized into three age categories 3-4, 5-8 and 9-12, with an additional area called the Carrot Patch for any child not able to participate in the hunt.  All age ranges will enjoy a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Challenger Sports Soccer Camp will be there to market its upcoming soccer camp that will take place in Cappel Youth Sports Complex in Latonia this summer. The city subsidizes the program as part of its focus on active living and sports development for the community and it is the third year Covington has hosted the camp. All skill levels are encouraged. The cost of the program is $62 for the week-long, half-day camp and early registration is offered at the Easter Egg Hunt.

Some Additional Top Egg Hunting Tips

By Pre-schoolers at Children Inc.'s Treasure House Child Development Center

What's the best advice on how you can get the most eggs?

Esha: "Run so Fast."

Annie: "Get all the eggs before everyone else does."

Kyleigh: "Sharing because if you share with someone they will share with you."

What's your Secret Trick?

Keegan: "Mom and grownups help me cheat by telling me."

Kyleigh: "Flying down to get them"

Anthony B. "To do a forward roll"

Samantha: "To get some bunny ears"

What do you wear?

Ana: "A pretty red dress"

Annie: "Dresses and ruby red shoes"

Nina: "Bunny ears"

Anthony B.: "An Easter bunny costume"

Lucas: "A dragon suit"

Devou Park Easter Egg Hunt

Date: Saturday, March 30

Time: arrive at 1:30 to welcome the Easter bunny on a fire truck; the hunt to start promptly at 2pm

Place: Volpenhein Pavillion, Devou Park (near Drees Pavilion)

Cost: Free

From the City of Covington

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