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Children's Law Center Gets $25,000 Grant

The Children’s Law Center in Covington received this week a $25,000 grant from the Josephine Schell Russell Charitable Trust, (PNC Bank, Trustee).

This generous gift helps fund The Children’s Law Center’s Legal Representation and Education Advocacy for children and youth.

“We are truly grateful to have supporters such as the Josephine Schell Russell Charitable Trust that take the time to hear our story and then make such a kind contribution,” said Kim Tandy, CLC Executive Director. “Community support is important as it allows us to continue to meet the growing demand for legal advocacy for children both in Kentucky and in Ohio.”
The Children's Law Center is a nonprofit organization created in 1989 as a way of addressing the unmet legal needs of children and youth in the areas of juvenile justice, child protection and education.
The Center's mission is to protect and enhance the legal rights and entitlements of children through quality legal representation, research and policy development, and training and education to attorneys and others regarding the legal rights of children.
Children's Law Center provides representation for children in a variety of legal and administrative proceedings involving their right to a free and appropriate public education. This includes children with special education issues, as well as lack of access to education for youth who are homeless or who have immigrant status.
CLC services include quality legal representation to children free of charge, as well as providing information, referral, and consultation by phone and in person in other matters.
Source: news release
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