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Two Sentenced for Sex-Related Crimes

Warning: Some language is explicit in detailing the crimes committed

Hassan Dukes was sentenced to twenty-eight years in prison last week by Kenton County Circuit Judge Martin Sheehan.

Dukes, 25, pleaded guilty in January to first degree rape and sodomy charges as well as being a persistent felony offender.

Ft. Mitchell Police were called to an apartment complex off Huckleberry Drive after receiving a report of a rape. A female resident was smoking outside her apartment when a masked man approached her, dragged her into a wooded area, and threatened to shoot her if she did not perform intercourse and other sex acts.

The victim could not identify the suspect, but a year later the Kentucky State Police Crime Lab determined that semen recovered during the sexual assault exam matched the DNA profile of Hassan Dukes. His DNA had been collected while he was serving an unrelated prison sentence.


"Cases don't get much stronger than this one," Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders said in February, after Dukes pleaded guilty. Dukes asked to plead guilty and serve twenty-eight years, Sanders said.
"Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Leanne Beck was fully prepared to go to trial but gave the victim the option of accepting the plea agreement if she wanted to avoid testifying. The victim, understandably, did not want to relive the ordeal on the witness stand so Dukes was permitted to plead guilty with an agreed sentence of twenty-eight years. He will have to undergo sex offender treatment and register as a sex offender."
Sanders continued, "This case is a great illustration of why DNA collection from convicted felons is so important. DNA collection is less intrusive than giving blood. All they do is swab the inmates mouth with a Q-tip. It's even faster and more precise than collecting fingerprints. A large majority of crime is committed by repeat offenders.  When we have their DNA on file, violent, horrible crimes like this one get solved where they otherwise wouldn't."
Man gets four years for soliciting minor online
Randall Creech will go to prison for four years after being sentenced last week by Judge Sheehan.
Creech, 49, pleaded guilty in February to unlawful use of clectronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual activities.
The charges originated from an exchange in a Yahoo! chat room called "parenting". Kenton County Police Officer Steve Benner was in the chat room posing as a 13-year old girl when, according to Rob Sanders who spoke to RCN following Creech's guilty plea, a user named "beaverlicker8" began chatting with the officer and began streaming web video of himself sitting shirtless in front of the computer.
Investigators said that when Creech learned that the "girl" was "almost 14, a girl, and live in covington, ky" (sic) his response was "lol i have a grandaughter ur age" (sic).
Sanders said there were many more chats over the next two weeks between Creech and Benner, still posing as the teen girl. During those chats Creech sent 125 images, seventy-one of which were adults either nude or engaged in sex acts. Five were of Creech.
Creech also masturbated in front of the web cam and made plans to meet the "girl" at Mills Road Park in Independence. When asked what he wanted to do when they met, Creech sent the "girl" an image of a grown woman being digitally penetrated by a man. Creech arrived at the park but soon learned his date was actually with Benner and other officers, Sanders said.
Written by Michael Monks with information from the Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Office
Photo: Hassan Dukes (top), Randall Creech (bottom)/Kenton Co. Dentention Center
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