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Feedback Sought from Covington Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur in Covington? Would you like to be?

An event on Thursday and an online survey could prove to be useful.

Covington Futurecraft, "a group of Covington entrepreneurs embracing ingenuity, vision, and growth through a peer-to-peer community network" as it's described on its Facebook page, is hosting an event on Thursday at Pike Street Lounge (266 West Pike Street) that aims to teach entrepreneurs how to barter.

The invitation reads: "From myths of haggling savages to accounts of societies run on mutual aid, 'barter' occupies a grey area between gift-giving and market transactions. At this gathering, participants will experience the theory and practice of barter."

Meanwhile, Covington Futurecraft founder Tess Burns (also founder of the Awesome Collective of Covington) is conducting a survey of Covington entrepreneurs, both current and aspiring. The goal is to help identify how the city of Covington can foster an entrepreneurial eco-system that will catalyze and support startups.

You can take the survey by clicking here.

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