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Local Musicians Hope to Save Struggling Downtown Covington Restaurant

The owner of Geez'l Pete's, the Madison Avenue restaurant that nearly two years ago, was set to close for good but some local musicians have stepped up in an effort to save the place.

An event called "Save the Pete" has been launched for Wednesday. 

The Facebook event invitation reads, "You are not just saving a bar. This is about live music and a home base for a community of local musicians. If you play an instrument, feel free to bring it. If you've never been there before, it's all the more reason to see what you've been missing!"

Plans are for two musical shows, one for Wednesday April 10 and another on Wednesday April 17. The shows will start at 6:00 p.m. and go to 1:00 a.m. The invitation says there will be three stages with one each dedicated to indoor solo performances, street busking, and a back door jam. Acoustic sets inside will be fifteen minutes by candlelight. A headliner will play each night for thirty to forty-five minutes, though the performers have not yet been announced, according to the invitation.

Owner Mark Dean posted to Facebook, "Ok, as you can probably guess, the last couple of days have been a very emotional roller coaster for me! It has been very disheartening knowing that I had to close the doors of my dream! Well, it seems that I have some wonderful musician friends that aren't all owning me to give up so quickly! These guys and gals have put many hours in brain storming yesterday to "Save the Pete"! I am very fortunate to have friends like this!"

Dean had announced Geez'l Pete's closure on April 4.

You can follow Geez'l Pete's on Facebook by clicking here. See the Facebook event by clicking here.

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