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Covington Company Sues After Delay in Cancer Research

Bexion Pharmaceuticals, the small firm working toward a cancer cure in its offices at bioLOGIC on Russell Street in Covington, is suing a California-based supplier for breach of contract, an issue that has delayed its work:


In an April 3 complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Covington, Bexion contends that it contracted with Althea in late 2011 for about 100 grams of a “bulk drug substance” referred to as “Sap C” to support its clinical studies. But Althea delivered only 28 grams and delivered it late, the complaint stated.

“Bexion did not receive an adequate quantity of ... Sap C to proceed with clinical studies,” the complaint claims.

Full story: Business Courier/Jon Newberry

Bexion's Board of Directors includes former Covington Mayor Chuck Scheper and Corporex's Bill Butler.

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