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Destination: Graduation - Trevor Rhodes & Brittany Beck

This series highlights graduating seniors from Covington's Holmes High School and is written by staff members at Covington Independent Public Schools:


Seventeen-year-old Trevor Rhodes sets goals and then does everything possible to make them happen. He’s been doing that his entire life. 

“In my mind it’s like I have to have a set plan for everything and not just wing it,’’ Trevor says. 

“It challenges me and gets me more mentally focused to get the job done. I can figure it out the majority of the time. If it’s something important like careers and college, I want to make sure that I have a plan and there is no problem with the plan.’’

His plan now is to pursue a career in information technology and enlist in the United States Army.

Trevor, who has attended Covington schools since kindergarten, said he is interested for different reasons. He said he has a knack for fixing computers. 

“It’s like it’s my calling,’’ he said. “If there is a problem, I can fix it.’’

The Army, he says, will prepare him mentally and physically for any job. 

Trevor says Holmes has prepared him for the future. He’s enjoyed everything about high school. His advice to freshmen is to get involved and make new friends. 

Trevor has been involved in many activities, including band, where he was the field commander. He has been in several plays. He had the lead role in the musical “Beauty and the Beast.” He was also co-producer of “101 Dalmatians.”

This past summer Trevor sang with the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra in the World Choir Games. 

The teacher who influenced him most is Rex Sholar, choir director at Holmes.

“He pushes me to break new ground and succeed,’’ Trevor said.

Mr. Sholar said he is proud of Trevor and all of his accomplishments, noting that Trevor is a leader among his peers and his opinions are sought after and highly respected by students and faculty alike. 

“Trevor Rhodes is the type of student that overcomes obstacles and achieves the goals he sets for himself and he demonstrates his initiative by assessing situations and getting the job done."


Brittany Beck grew up watching her mother assisting others with food, clothing, money or giving them rides to the doctor or to the store. Brittany, 18, says she will follow in her mom’s footsteps. 

“She taught me to always help other people and that is what I plan to do.’’ Brittany says. “I will help by becoming a nurse.”

Brittany plans on attending Northern Kentucky University, where she will major in nursing. She wants to work in pediatrics. 

Brittany, who is taking classes at Gateway Community and Technical College to earn credits before she graduates, has always helped. She served as a tutor in the One-to-One Reading program through Bulldogs Give Back, a service organization at school. This past summer she was recognized with a leadership award for her participation in the reading program, which gives Holmes students the opportunity to help younger students with reading.

“I loved seeing the little kids and how they liked to interact with the older kids,” she said.

Her advice for freshmen is to get involved. “Don’t be afraid, just jump in and it will help you make more friends and have an amazing high school time.’’

Brittany has been involved in many activities including cheerleading and SkillsUSA, where she is the vice president and historian. She has been in several musicals including “Once Upon an Island,” “Seussical the Musical,” and “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” 

As a child she was very shy, but she had encouragement along the way. One of those encouragers was Star Staubach, her mentor since seventh grade. Star helped her to break out of her shell, Brittany said.

Others who have offered encouragement were: Ninth District Elementary School Teacher Colleen Curtis, who helped her overcome academic struggles; and Chelsea Clark and Lori Liggin, science teachers at Holmes, who have encouraged her to pursue nursing.

“Brittany has always been a hardworking student with a great attitude,” Ms. Curtis said. “I have watched Brittany grow into a tenacious young woman over the past few years. Her good work ethic and kindheartedness are the qualities that will carry her great distances. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be successful in whatever she chooses to pursue because she refuses to be counted out.’’

Photo: Trevor Rhodes and Brittany Beck/provided

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