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"Guntucky" to Showcase Kentucky Family on Reality Show

This article appears courtesy of KY Forward.

In the tradition of Daniel Boone and Raylan Givens, Kentuckians are once again shootin’ on television with a new CMT series hitting the airwaves April 21. The 10-episode GUNTUCKY will air Sunday nights at 9:30 p.m.

This time it’s Biff Sumner, Jr., the patriarch of three generations of Sumners who operate the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point near Ft. Knox.

The new series is produced by Leftfield Pictures who also produce Pawn Stars on A&E. In GUNTUCKY customers can try out, pawn and purchase a wide range of legal firearms from cannons to rare collectibles. The gun range was started by Biff, but handed over for daily operation to his son, Kenny. The family also includes Kenny’s brother, Steven, his son, Chad, and Steven’s children, Stephanie and Payton.

CMT describes Biff as “one of Kentucky’s grand old men” when it comes to rifles, pistols and machine guns. He created the biannual The KCR Machine Gun Shoot, the largest event of its kind anywhere in the world.
Kenny is officially in-charge but his father, brother and son are often trying to take over. He is described as “polite, business-minded and savvy.” He knows guns and how to steer a steady ship, according to the show’s producers.
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In the first half-hour episode, Steven teaches Payton that shooting up dad’s property will cost him dearly. The others track down hard-to-find collectibles. Also, Grandpa Biff disappoints the owner of a weapon thought to be rare and two brothers who up with an old boat and blast it to “Boat Heaven.”
A second episode airing the same night features the Sumner family agreeing to stage an epic Civil War reenactment and Biff giving a very valuable rifle to Steven to test-fire.


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