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Poll Shows KY Likes Reds, the South But Not Gay Marriage; Divided on Gun Laws

The polling firm that recently tested favorabilities and competitiveness of various potential candidates for Kentucky US Senate seat in 2014 released the miscellaneous results of its poll of the state.

Public Policy Polling found that 72% of Kentuckians identify as being southerners and that 38% are fans of the Cincinnati Reds making it the most popular Major League Baseball team in the Commonwealth.

The poll also delved into more serious political issues. It found that Kentuckians are divided on passing stricter gun laws. 46% support and oppose new laws. 

Gay marriage remains unpopular in the Bluegrass State as only 27% support it. 65% are opposed. Kentucky voters passed a constitutional amendment in 2004 banning same-sex marriage.

Hillary Clinton would have the potential to make the state competitive in 2016, something no Democrat's been able to do since her husband was on the ballot. Clinton has a positive favorability rating at 45/43 in the state, an impressive feat for any national Democrat. She musters a tie with home state Senator Rand Paul at 45, and leads early Republican front runner Marco Rubio by a 46/40 margin.

Kentuckians are cool toward a potential Paul Presidential bid. 30% want him to run in 2016, while 50% think he should not. He would be the top choice of Republicans in the state though- 31% say he would be their preferred candidate to 17% for Rubio, 13% for Jeb Bush, 10% for Chris Christie, 4% for Bobby Jindal, 3% for Paul Ryan, 2% each for Rick Perry and Rick Santorum, and 1% for Susana Martinez.

Meanwhile, Kentuckians have a higher opinion of Lexington (+57 favorability at 67/10) than they do of Louisville (+46 at 61/15), although both are pretty popular. 72% of voters in the state consider themselves to be southerners to 22% who do not.

See the full results: Public Policy Polling (PDF)


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