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A Look at the Gateways into Covington

Covington's unique shape gives it multiple points of entry and the city's front, back, and side doors could use some attention.

Last May, the city commission and city staff reviewed the completed Center City Action Plan (CCAP) which outlined a path to revitalize the city. It also generated some images indicating what some of the city's gateways should aim to look like.

The "inviting public realm" tenet of the CCAP called for, "A more cohesive and attractive public realm designed to enhance the pedestrian experience and connectivity of Center City will strengthen neighborhoods, business districts and create more economic opportunity. An appealing public realm is fundamental to attract more investment, jobs and residents."

The photo attached to this article was created by Progressive Urban Management Associates (PUMA), the Denver-based firm that created the CCAP. It shows a dramatic change on the Fifth Street gateway into Mainstrasse Village and Downtown Covington. 

In the photos below, you will see each point of entry into Covington and the challenges (& some successes) of each.

A few gateways have well-manicured landscaping while others have fallen into neglect. Some are part of construction projects and others are just simply there.

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Fifth Street exit from I-75/Mainstrasse Village

 photo IMG_20130430_140358_zps289174da.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_140432_zps3a07a9a2.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_140446_zps4ca29be0.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_140524_zpsf228a880.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_140557_zps745387ee.jpg

Fourth Street/headed to I-75

 photo IMG_20130430_140726_zps77cbe975.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_140736_zps9a77bc87.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_140859_zps4038a674.jpg

Crescent Avenue to Lewisburg & Botany Hills

 photo IMG_20130430_141557_zpsbfa93ca8.jpg

 photo IMG_20130430_141603_zps5f96838c.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_141608_zpsacb23842.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_141654_zps547069c4.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_141711_zps2e0e0f7c.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_141820_zpscfbcb887.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_141838_zpsb3cabfed.jpg

Clay Wade Bailey Bridge at Fourth/Fifth Streets to Main Street Street

 photo IMG_20130430_143046_zps7adcb1be.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_143053_zpscbded713.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_143059_zps4b8547a2.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_143255_zps489a9b59.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_143305_zps27bf26cc.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_143311_zps04ba5544.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_143633_zps4f19ee63.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_143638_zps672462ac.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_143643_zps38050c8e.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_143648_zpsf48d997a.jpg

Roebling Suspension Bridge into Downtown/Roebling Point/Licking Riverside

 photo IMG_20130430_145107_zps3a53c42b.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_145113_zpsbf344460.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_145117_zps3fd94694.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_145147_zps82231823.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_145213_zps93b1e1c5.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_145259_zps0bc9f4a8.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_145327_zps4346be0e.jpg

Fourth Street Bridge into Licking Riverside/Downtown

 photo IMG_20130430_145833_zps633806eb.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_145839_zps316c0d40.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_145917_zps94ce96d7.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_145935_zps00d3b2df.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_145942_zps6787a092.jpg  photo IMG_20130430_150038_zps080239da.jpg

Pike Street from I-75 into Downtown/Mainstrasse Village

 photo IMG_20130502_173733_zps1921f579.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_173739_zpse06c3cf3.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_174126_zps9e489b17.jpg

Pike Street into Lewisburg/Devou Park

 photo IMG_20130502_174134_zps82e71fa8.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_174205_zps34df0076.jpg

Pike Street/Dixie Highway into Lewisburg from Fort Mitchell

 photo IMG_20130502_174536_zps0e357f2d.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_174656_zps43f4901a.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_174740_zpsa25b2f4a.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_174815_zps490abd41.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_174827_zps81dcb168.jpg

3-L Highway/KY-17 from Fort Wright into Latonia

 photo IMG_20130502_180225_zpsb862bc7a.jpg

3-L Highway/KY-17 into South Covington

 photo IMG_20130502_181729_zps30e1b3f8.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_181734_zps2659a2d9.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_181739_zps2949ec4b.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_181744_zps6439adf9.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_181758_zps3ca12df1.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_182100_zps78bc1b5a.jpg

3-L Highway at Hands Pike

 photo IMG_20130502_182721_zpsa3f7eac7.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_182815_zpsbb4df8a7.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_182819_zps926beed2.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_182826_zps035dae0f.jpg

Taylor Mill Road from Independence into South Covington

 photo IMG_20130502_183738_zps9157ef7d.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_183749_zps65054c34.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_183754_zpsde54f1a4.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_183759_zpsd81356b7.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_184257_zps139b1c38.jpg

Taylor Mill Road at Old Taylor Mill Road from Taylor Mill into Covington

 photo IMG_20130502_184637_zps66bf7f96.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_184642_zps56f6c098.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_184646_zps126ae488.jpg

Winston Avenue from Taylor Mill into Latonia

 photo IMG_20130502_190127_zps6f231f3d.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_190134_zps961cc2ab.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_190212_zpsef6b51e9.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_190530_zps3c74fa6e.jpg

Licking Valley Girl Scouts Bridge/Twelfth Street from Newport into Covington's Eastside neighborhood

 photo IMG_20130502_191554_zpsc934523e.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_191613_zpse905cc09.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_191654_zps8aef36fa.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_191828_zpsbbd36104.jpg

Twelfth Street/Martin Luther King Boulevard from I-75 into Covington

 photo IMG_20130502_192546_zpsa239299a.jpg  photo IMG_20130502_192535_zpsbecfda53.jpg

Story & Photos by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

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