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Photos: Take a Walk on Madison Avenue & See Its Ups and Downs

Words and photos by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

Take a walk down Madison Avenue between from Twentieth Street to Martin Luther King Boulevard and see a stretch of road in need of some TLC.

In the photo tour below you will see some welcome new industry and the remnants of industry from Covington's past.

You'll also notice some beautiful homes and some not-so-beautiful (former) homes.

These blocks also feature some of my personal favorite pieces of architecture in the city, like the Duro Bag factory, the Stewart Iron Works building, the Scottish Rites Temple, Madison Avenue Christian Church, the Colonial Inn, and whatever the large mostly boarded-up building is at the corner of Sixteenth & Madison.

Most depressing on this walk, however, is the condition of the sidewalks. If you think the sidewalks are bad in your neck of the woods, take a peek at what's going on in this part of this city.

Covington officials have dedicated more resources to infrastructure improvements and hopefully these sidewalks will not go overlooked, though Madison Avenue, also known as KY-17, is a state road. Additionally, in many cases, property owners are responsible for repairs to sidewalks.

There are also occasional rumblings of possibly big developments on various sites on this stretch. If one or two of them ever came to fruition, it could be the jolt this area needs.

Take a look at the photos and then weigh on what you think can or should be done at The River City News Facebook page or Twitter feed.

The intersection of Twentieth & Madison:

 photo IMG_20130509_160546_zps04aed712.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_160540_zps79c78a29.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_160532_zpsa7af8e25.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_160525_zpsa7d77695.jpg

Outside the police station:

 photo IMG_20130509_160418_zps7caa9ece.jpg

Empty storefronts:

 photo IMG_20130509_160726_zpsead91142.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_160754_zps23899c5e.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_160805_zps59cb09a7.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_160828_zps10e4d34b.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_160849_zps5049eff2.jpg

Intersection of Nineteenth & Madison:

 photo IMG_20130509_160855_zpsd826ad7d.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_160859_zps54e89243.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_160922_zpsd983bc8a.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_160928_zps7e328d39.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_160933_zpsa7afb421.jpg

Love these buildings:

 photo IMG_20130509_161019_zpsf38771bb.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_161046_zps0ce08e5d.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161059_zpsd0e6f4ad.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161203_zps67574e97.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161230_zps01b3a847.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161246_zpsf918155e.jpg


 photo IMG_20130509_161309_zps85a935e2.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161331_zps3b5ba91f.jpg

1700 block of Madison:

 photo IMG_20130509_161343_zpsd2fe5183.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161401_zps6b62504b.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161417_zpsc086d9b9.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161443_zpsc59dae25.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161455_zps34c1f32b.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161511_zpsaa382490.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161536_zps29ae62ca.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161554_zps170a2236.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161659_zpsaadd2aeb.jpg

Transitions, Inc is in a lovely building:

 photo IMG_20130509_161738_zps60aa44fa.jpg

1600 block of Madison:

 photo IMG_20130509_161743_zps01a3f991.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161754_zpsb4f119a4.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_161836_zps01f68fe8.jpg

One of my favorite buildings in Covington. The first floor facade looks nice but the upper floors are in need of some love.

 photo IMG_20130509_161910_zpsb116092d.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162012_zps676a9101.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162028_zpse5220feb.jpg

1500 block of Madison:

 photo IMG_20130509_162040_zps0086705c.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162109_zps145b0aed.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162131_zps89a8b623.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162136_zpsfb3c0336.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162144_zpsb7922419.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162226_zpsefaf123d.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162233_zps1723d41e.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162302_zps98c62275.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162401_zpsec1e15d4.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162438_zpsbe272f6b.jpg

The troubled Colonial Inn:

 photo IMG_20130509_162451_zps5968cdd8.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162555_zps01e916f1.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_162639_zps8c668824.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162658_zps8cea964c.jpg

1400 block of Madison:

 photo IMG_20130509_162537_zps09e6b22c.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162607_zpsd2573241.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162738_zps9b64e629.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162750_zps7ca34f7f.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162821_zps84b2b2ca.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162832_zpse95f0686.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162915_zps6d5a3048.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162920_zpsabde72c6.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_162930_zps60b838c7.jpg

The old Robke Ford lot:

 photo IMG_20130509_163000_zpsd0eda4c3.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_163023_zps1bc5ea1f.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163052_zpsc2869358.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163103_zps0e54358a.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_163148_zps3c958bce.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163223_zps40eff7a0.jpg

Duro Bag Factory building:

 photo IMG_20130509_163124_zpsddef423e.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163129_zps257bafca.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163300_zps44979cab.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163312_zpsaddfea10.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163355_zps0dccea7a.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163405_zps677e0912.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163433_zps87b5591c.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163446_zps0c37c545.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163508_zps6a15b927.jpg

Progress on the Walgreens store location:

 photo IMG_20130509_163545_zpsde86e22b.jpg

Intersection of MLK & Madison:

 photo IMG_20130509_163604_zps723f1b6d.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163608_zps18d77c82.jpg  photo IMG_20130509_163616_zpsd84010a3.jpg