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Take a Tour of Covington's Mutual Building

Last summer The River City News took readers on a photo tour of the Mutual Building, a large, prominent piece of architecture at Madison Avenue & Pike Street. That photo tour is re-published today as developments prepare to go up around it. City Hall is moving to the old JC Penney building on Pike, a boutique hotel is moving into the City Hall building (formerly the Coppins Building), and Gateway Community & Technical College is about to take up residence in several downtown buildings.

The City of Covington purchased the Mutual Building last year and there have been rumblings of possible developments ever since. One city commissioner said recently, without giving details, "prepare to be amazed".

What would you like to see happen to the Mutual Building? Weigh in at The River City News Facebook page or Twitter feed.


Bank vault
A bank was in here
Old board room
Second floor (Lots of light! What a great loft it would be)

Beautiful ironwork in the railing. One section is covered up
with drywall though because when offices were here in the 70s
the workers could see up the ladies' skirts (SRSLY)
Third Floor
Traveling salesmen used to stay in these rooms

Cafeteria style restaurant was here
Walls were removed to demonstrate possibilities for
higher floors above the basement

Corner space that once housed Getz Jewelry