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Covington Organization Rep to Speak in Frankfort Against Child Care Cuts

With thousands of children in KY about to lose all child care assistance (CCAP), the Cabinet for Health & Family Services will hold a public hearing May 21, 2013, at 9am at the Health Services Auditorium, 275 East Main Street, Frankfort, KY to hear input from parents and childcare center providers regarding the new regulation. 

Mike Hammons from Children, Inc. in Covington intends to speak at the hearing. He and others from across the state oppose the Cabinet’s decision because of its devastating impact on children and working families. He says that working parents will be forced to quit their jobs to stay home and take care of their children or place them where they would not be safe. 
“Low-wage parents are generally low-skilled workers," Hammons said in a news release. "They move into higher paying jobs only after they get training and job experience. The problem is that low-wage jobs don’t pay enough to support a family. With the drastic cut in eligibility outlined in this regulation (from 150% to 100% of poverty), a working parent in a minimum wage job will no longer qualify for child care assistance. They would have to use up 2 days worth of wages to pay for it and not have enough left to pay for rent, food, transportation or for any other basic needs. It would make more sense for them to go on welfare, but that costs the state as much as child care assistance.”
Hammons also points out that the cuts will likely cost the state more in additional Medicaid coverage, cause an increase in child protection cases and court costs and unemployment benefits as child care centers are forced to lay off large numbers of staff or close as a result of the cuts. The Cabinet wants to reduce the number of children served from 75,000 a year to 28,000. “That’s disastrous,” Hammons said. “The Cabinet should have given more consideration to the impact of the cuts on children and families and the impact on other state programs before making this decision.”
From Children, Inc
Photo: Children, Inc offices in Covington/provided
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