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Covington Native Finds Childhood Essay in Bible Bought in California

A story out of San Clemente, California involves a 75-year old Covington native who now lives in Orange County. Marion Shurtleff purchased a used Bible so that she could compare how the verses may have changed in the one she currently uses. What she found tucked away inside the used Bible was a child's essay from 65 years ago.

Marion was the child author.

Los Angeles CBS affiliate KCBS reports:

“And then I opened it up, and instantly I saw my name,” she explained. “I recognized my handwriting. I hollered. I started shaking. I cried. I had goose bumps.”

Slipped in between the pages was an essay that Shurtleff wrote 65 years ago to earn her merit badge for Girl Scouts. It read in part, “Be kind to animals. Do not pick flowers. Don’t walk on the grass.”

Shurtleff says she wrote that letter in her hometown of Covington, Kentucky more than 2,000 miles away.

“How did it get here? I think there’s got to be a tie to the person who kept this. Why would they keep it,” she wonders. “Maybe it was sent to me for a reason. Maybe that person should be in my life.”

Shurtleff contacted the bookshop. So far, there are no leads.

Watch an interview with Shurtleff, a cancer survivor, below. Thanks to reader David Klein for tipping off RCN to this story.