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Bus Driver Faces Disciplinary Action After Child Left on Board

A 4-year old boy was left on a school bus in Covington after he fell asleep on board en route from Mother Hubbard's day care center to the James E. Biggs Early Learning Center, WLWT reports:


Cody fell asleep on a school bus and ended up all alone parked in the Covington School District's transportation lot until a monitor from another bus heard him crying.

"It’s very hot and if I had left my son in my car and if somebody found him, I’d be in a lot of trouble right now. You just don't do that," Stolz said.

The head of Covington’s school transportation department agrees.

Ray Finke told WLWT News 5’s Terry Daniels that “it's inexcusable” and forgetting a child is the most serious mistake."

The driver and bus monitor each face disciplinary action that could include termination. See the video report: WLWT

Photo: Interior of a school bus/Bill McChesney via Wiki Commons