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Help! Cat in Covington Has Jar Stuck on Head

UPDATE: The cat has been located, the jar has been removed, and a foster owner has been identified. More details to come.


A cat in Covington has a jar stuck on its head and it may have been in this condition now for a week.

RCN reader Cassie West writes to say that she was feeding a group of stray cats on the 1400 block of Garrard on Sunday when a neighbor told her and her friend, Laura Bamberger, that there was a cat that had a jar on its head as of Friday last week. The cat with the jar on its head was finally spotted again on Tuesday of this week.

Cassie, her husband, and Laura tried to find it again but had no luck until Friday morning when Laura Beth was able to get close enough to snap this photo. Cassie grabbed a co-worker and the three of them tried to catch the cat but it ran on to a rooftop from a tree.

"We have begged and nearly bartered whatever we can for any outpouring of assistance," wrote Cassie, a parole officer. "I am used to running after felons and cats usually sense my helping beacon and don't run. We fear its time is running out and weary."

Cassie lives in Latonia and Laura lives in Wallace Woods and they have been going back to the area where the cat was last seen in hopes of finding it again. "We were hoping it would rain so it may want to get off the roof," Cassie wrote. "Apparently it wasn't there earlier today after we left in despair of trying to catch it. We are at a loss on how to catch it, short of a tranquilizer dart. We need suggestions and more people though. I am so at a loss."

Their search will resume Friday evening.

Do you have any helpful information that could get this jar off the cat's head? Email [email protected], or Cassie at [email protected] or Laura at [email protected].

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