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The River City News Moves Newsroom to Roebling Point Books & Coffee

From The River City News editor & publisher Michael Monks:

I am thrilled to announce that The River City News, your home for More Covington News Than Any Other Source, is moving its newsroom to the Roebling Point Books & Coffee on Greenup Street this week.

This announcement comes as RCN approaches its 2-year anniversary as our city's only dedicated news source.

Since its inception, RCN has operated as a home-based business but this new partnership with Roebling Point Books & Coffee will allow the enterprise to expand its coverage area and its content.

In the coming weeks there will be more writers scouring the city and the region for the stories that matter the most to you. Additionally, RCN will develop into a more multimedia-oriented news website. Expect to see regularly scheduled podcasts, video reports, and web series.

Imagine popping into Roebling Point Books & Coffee for a latte and watching live as RCN broadcasts a morning podcast with the region's top newsmakers. With some dedicated help, I am working to make The River City News, in its updated form, the most exciting news enterprise this city has ever seen.

I am also excited to announce that the first web video series we will be producing will focus on the Covington Police Department. We are currently in pre-production on a 4-part series that will show you the inner workings of the department and we can't wait to get to shooting it!

It is no secret that the goings-on in Covington are mostly ignored by the corporate media and The River City News has worked tirelessly every day, seven days a week to fill that gap. I referenced a piece in my column in this season's Village Breeze that came from the Covington Journal in February 1868 that still resonates today:

"We are fully apprised of the difficulties attending the publication of a newspaper in the city of Covington. So far as the current news of the day is concerned, the Cincinnati dailies anticipate everything and
no Covington paper can hope to compete with them in that particular.

There are, however, interests which demand a local organ and which ought to insure it a liberal support. ... It is not to be expected that Kentucky interests or Kentucky politics will occupy a very prominent place in papers published out of the state, even where the desire to do full justice exists. ... We believe that there is a vacancy for a newspaper in Covington and we hope that in resuming publication of the Journal to be able to fill that vacancy. We confidently look to the public to sustain us."

The reason The River City News has grown to become Covington's most trusted and most reliable news source is that we care about this city the same way you do. That is why we are at every meeting of the city commission in addition to covering the school board, neighborhood groups, crime, small business news, and the quirky stories that make our city so unique.

Love the Cov? You bet we do. And a great city deserves a great newspaper. We will work harder than anyone else to make sure that this city has its great newspaper.

We'll need your help, though. Please keep reading and sharing our stories with your friends and neighbors. Also, stay tuned for opportunities for you to get involved as we add a true community aspect to our coverage.

It has been an incredible experience covering the city that we love for the past two years and we're only getting started.

We'll be sprucing up the office all this week and hope to be comfortable settled by this time next week. Stop in and see us anytime and stay tuned for more exciting announcements about The River City News/Roebling Point Books & Coffee partnership. Oh, and be sure to join me in thanking Richard Hunt and Scott Danielson at Roebling Point for making this happen!

It's about to get real, y'all!

Let's do this.


Photo: Roebling Point Books & Coffee via the shop's Facebook page. Roebling Point Books & Coffee is located at 306 Greenup Street in Covington.

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