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Covington City Manager, Finance Director Appear on WKRC to Discuss Budget

Covington City Manager Larry Klein and Finance Director Bob Due appeared on WKRC's Sunday public affairs show Newsmakers to discuss their proposed budget that will have its first reading before the city commission on Tuesday.

Klein first presented the budget to the public during a city commission in late May, saying that the city was in "a historic position to write its own future".

The plan received enthusiastic applause from members of the audience.

Klein and Due then presented the plan to city business leaders before debate over the proposed budget began at City Hall last week.

A second reading and possible adoption of the budget is scheduled for June 25. If any changes are made between Tuesday night and June 25, a date for a special meeting has been set aside for une 27.

Here is the video from WKRC:

Photo: Klein and Due present budget to city commission in late May/RCN file

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