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Covington Awarded Funds for Riverfront Commons, Street Work

The City of Covington was awarded funding for three street projects through a federal program facilitated by the Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) on Thursday.

OKI awarded ten Surface Transportation Program for Northern Kentucky (SNK) funds and Covington turned out to be a good fit for three of them.

The projects in Covington include an improvement to Sixth Street to help improve the connection from Scott Boulevard east to the railroad overpass. The federal funds will encompass $1,382,948 and the city will put in $345,737 for a total project cost of $1,728,685.

A second project involves Russell Street and the federal dollars will help cover the cost of paving after new water lines are installed (an update on which block of Russell will be forthcoming from the city). Federal dollars amount to $142,890 while the city will contribute $35,723 for a total project cost of $178,613.

Some early work on the long-planned Riverfront Commons will get underway in Covington thanks to the SNK funds. Covington was awarded $481,600 and will contribute $120,400 for a total project cost of $602,000 that will help implement a path from near Covington Landing to Crescent Avenue.

Mayor Sherry Carran, who represents the city at OKI, credited Assistant City Manager Larisa Sims and Community Services Manager/City Engineer Mike Yeager for being "instrumental" in getting the projects to the point that they could be submitted for funding consideration through  OKI's intermodal coordinating committee.

This story will be updated when more information is released by the city.

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