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Two Surveys for Covington Residents: Place Matters Grants & Licking River Greenway & Trails

There are a couple of surveys floating around seeking to guage Covingtonians' input on the Licking River Greenway & Trails and the Place Matters program.

The Center for Great Neighborhoods' survey  is being conducted to better understand the priorities of people who live and work in Covington and the perceptions of how the community has changed over time. Covington is part of place matters, a comprehensive community development initiative transforming five Greater Cincinnati communities by addressing issues of housing, economic stability, youth, health, and civic engagement at the same time. This information will help show the impact of work done by the Center for Great Neighborhoods in partnership with the community and other organizations.

To complete that survey, click here.

The purpose of the other survey survey is gather information about community members' attitudes toward the Licking River Greenway and Trail, an outdoor community resource. You may participate in this survey, even if you have never heard of the Licking River Greenway and Trail (until now) or used it.

To complete that survey, click here.