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Enquirer Suggests Former Covington Mayor Scheper for Cincinnati's Top Job

An editorial published by the Cincinnati Enquirer rattles off a list of ten people the region's only daily paper thinks could lead the City of Cincinnati.

Pointing out petty squabbles by the two leading candidates for Cincinnati Mayor, Roxanne Qualls and John Cranley, the Enquirer's list includes business, civic, and political leaders.

And one on the list already served as mayor. Of Covington.

Here's what the Enquirer says about Chuck Scheper:

Businessman Scheper was recruited to lead Covington after its mayor resigned. In 14 months, he set that city on a path for growth and then stepped out. That’s the type of selfless service Cincinnati could use.

Scheper is Chairman of Bexion Pharmaceuticals in Covington and also helps lead the Catalytic Development Fund of Northern Kentucky.

Another suggested mayor is Gerald Newfarmer of Management Partners, the firm Scheper paid to lead the analysis of how best to reorganize Covington's city government, a move that inspired many of the changes at City Hall. The Enquirer said of Newfarmer:

He’s got years of city management expertise in Cincinnati and elsewhere. He’s now a management consultant who has analyzed the operations of this city and others with the goal of sharing services and operating more efficiently.

Other suggested ideal mayors on the Enqurier's list include: former P&G CEO John Pepper, former CEO of Children's Hospital James Anderson, organizational leader Lee Ault Carter, Cincinnati State President Odell Ownes, Ohio State Senator Eric Kearney, 3CDC leader Steve Leeper, and Jerry Spring of, well, Jerry Springer fame.

Read the full editorial: Cincinnati Enquirer

Photo: Chuck Scheper/RCN file

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