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Photos: GoettaFest in Mainstrasse Village

The thirteenth annual GoettaFest wrapped up Sunday in Covington's Mainstrasse Village where crowds enjoyed goetta reubens, goetta balls, goetta chedda' cheese, goetta chili, goetta cheese omelettes, goetta burgers, and more.

The celebration of the regional German breakfast staple also featured arts & crafts, music & entertainment, and a children's activity as well as food and vendor booths along Sixth Street and Goebel Park.

Here are some photos from the weekend. Did you go? Tell us about how much fun you had at The River City News Facebook page.


 photo IMG_20130615_144031_zps20705aca.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144046_zps03ecba40.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144058_zpsf118081f.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144116_zpsbcefb14d.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144216_zps1f36d8e9.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144229_zpsd068505f.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144246_zps3705ed86.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144253_zpsed02e435.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144302_zps0bd87eaa.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144322_zpsf65e1423.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144342_zps31c3619e.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144400_zpsba2c9d5d.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_144426_zpse4a1759c.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_152309_zpsc7928934.jpg  photo IMG_20130615_154729_zpsd0b849b1.jpg
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