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Arlinghaus Seeks State Funding for Detox Centers; Kimmich Won't Challenge Him in 2014

Kenton County Judge-Executive Steve Arlinghaus argues that the Kenton County Detention Center has become a default drug detox center and he wants more funding in the county from the state for proper detox centers:

Arlinghaus says Northern Kentucky addicts would have a better chance for long term success at much less cost to taxpayers if they could receive treatment in their community, instead of holding them in jail until a bed in a treatment center becomes available.

Arlinghaus will make his plea when he addresses visiting legislators from around the state as part of Wednesday’s Northern Kentucky United program.

Sponsored by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the event at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center provides a platform for local leaders to seek support of various projects and legislation. The Boone, Kenton and Campbell County judge-executives each will get 10 to 15 minutes to address the legislators. State funding inequities perceived by many in Northern Kentucky are expected to dominate discussions.

Read the full story: Cincinnati Enquirer/Cindy Schroeder

Meanwhile,Republic Scott Kimmich, the former Deputy Judge-Executive in Kenton County, says he won't run against Arlinghaus in the GOP primary for the county's top elected position next year:

Kimmich lost a hard fought race to Arlinghaus in the May 2010 Republican primary, garnering 41 percent of the vote to Arlinghaus’ 48 percent. Kimmich spent $90,711 on that race, nearly triple the $30,580 that Arlinghaus did.

This election, Arlinghaus estimates he’ll raise about $100,000 from his initial fundraiser earlier this month. A second fundraiser is set for June 26 at the home of Bob and Diane Hoffer.

“If I thought I wouldn’t have any opposition, I wouldn’t be having fundraisers,” Arlinghaus said. “If you don’t raise any money, it’s kind of an invitation to have someone race against you.”

Kimmich said he is serving as deputy chief of staff for State House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover, which enables him to play a role in shaping public policy on a statewide level.

Read the full story: Cincinnati Enquirer/Cindy Schroeder

Photo: Kenton Co. map via the University of Kentucky