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What Makes Covington Awesome? Video Project Wants You to Say

What makes Covington awesome?
That question will be posed at RoeblingFest on Saturday, part of a video project by the Awesome Collective of Covington which is in the midst of a "Be Awesome!" campaign.
If you are interested in participating, visit the Awesome Collective booth at RoeblingFest from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
 All those interviewed will be featured in the Awesome Collective’s 2013 Index of Awesome, a video created to highlight some of the city’s greatest assets. 
The video is being funded in-part by a Place Matters Mini-Grant and the featured project of the AC’s Kickstarter campaign ending on July 12
For more information on the Kickstarter campaign or to make a contribution to the “Be Awesome!” project, visit
The Awesome Collective of Covington (AC) is a community organization comprised of people who live, work or play in Covington. The mission of the AC is to celebrate the awesomeness of Covington through community projects which aim to engage residents, youth, visitors, schools, businesses, and organizations. 
The members of the group are proud of Covington, want to celebrate and promote the city’s excellence, uniqueness, and authenticity, and love to share their sense of excitement about its future.
For more information, visit