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The City Hall Emails: Parts One Through Four

This is a recap of parts one through four of The River City News's exclusive series, The City Hall Emails, an inside look at the relationships between city commissioners and administrators. The series ran last Wednesday through Friday.


What internal emails obtained by RCN tell us about the relationships behind-the-scenes at Covington City Hall. "She has also been quite hostile... She has screamed and yelled and cussed at me, calling me “liar” several times, in the presence of other employees, and from behind closed doors where other employees down and around the hall can hear her."

The City Hall Emails: Part One


Part Two of The City Hall Emails. "She is an elected official, "Larry's Boss", and he cannot tell her that she can't attend any meeting." -Covington City Commissioner Mildred Rains

The City Hall Emails: Part Two


"I may even still change my mind about tonight’s vote the more I learn. If I do vote for it, it will come with some sharp criticism and demands for facts. Expect to explain to the public why you think this is a good use of their funds."
Part Three of RCN's series, The City Hall Emails -- at the link.

The City Hall Emails: Part Three


Part Four of "The City Hall Emails" explains why the open records request was made and also shares a local legal scholar's opinion on whether city commissioners can demand to attend a city manager's staff meeting.

The City Hall Emails: Part Four

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Photo: Covington City Hall/RCN file

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