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Sheriff's Deputy Attacked by Dog in Covington

A Kenton County Sheriff's deputy was bitten by a dog while attempting to serve a subpoena to a home on the 1500 block of Maryland Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

Covington Police Chief Spike Jones said that the deputy was bitten on the leg and that the dog was taken by Animal Control to the Kenton Co. Animal Shelter. Officers from the Covington Police Department also responded to the scene following the dog bite.

The deputy has not been identified publicly but Captain Todd Massey of the Sheriff's Department said that the deputy suffered bite wounds to his thigh and the upper region of his backside.

iMassey said that deputies were on scene to deliver the subpoena to what appeared to be a vacant house and then went next door to find out some information about the person they sought. It was at the house next door that the dog bolted through the screen door and bit the deputy.

The dog's owner was cited for harboring a vicious animal. The dog was being quarantined while its shot records are investigated as its owner could not provide up-to-date proof.

This story has been updated to reflect that no one was arrested but cited and that a subpoena and not a warrant was being issued.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

Photos provided by Tim Eversole:

 photo dogattack2_zpsffc11bff.jpg  photo dogattack6_zps988536f2.jpg  photo dogattack4_zps8aa0f83f.jpg  photo dogattack5_zps7cd9a89b.jpg  photo dogattack3_zps0fc77768.jpg

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