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Covington Police Bust Up Mysterious Outdoor Party With Hundreds of Guests

UPDATE: WLWT News 5 did a follow-up story and tracked down the party's organizer after interviewing Covington Police Chief Spike Jones and The River City News Editor & Publisher Michael Monks Watch the video


A loud music complaint led Covington Police to the scene of an outdoor party that, according to the police report, attracted between four and five hundred people. A later estimate by the department put the attendance at closer to eight hundred.

There were no published invitations and no formal publicity but word spread via social media that anyone interested should head to 801 East Sixteenth Street near the floodwall by the Licking River.

"Big Party Tonight !!! 801 E 16th St. Covington, KY 41011," read one tweet that was passed around online. But a search for various related words on Twitter shows that for most of the day on Saturday leading up to that night's event, those who wanted to go didn't even know where it was.

"Where is this field party ?!?!?!? Lol," read one. "Why hasn't he posted the address yet?," read another.

One young man on Twitter shared some pictures from the scene (attached to this article) via his Twitter account. "Party 801 e 16th street thick".

But then the Covington Police showed up. "That party was TO ridiculous! Cops came in though... Damn shame” it was live," lamented one Twitter user. "It was Live until the Feds Came," said another.

One referenced the event as a "Project X" party, a reference to a 2012 film of that name about a group of teenagers throwing a party to gain popularity while their parents are away. Eventually, after the party gets out of hand, the SWAT team shows up. According to a report by ABC News, copy cat parties inspired by the film have led to arrests across the country.

"When officers got there, cars were everywhere," said Covington Police Chief Spike Jones. "It was quite a tumultuous situation." Officers were able to maintain order and get most everyone dispersed at around 2 a.m. The organizer was cited, Jones said.

During the break-up of the party a fight broke out and a couple of attendees ended up in jail and a third was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. Chief Jones said there was an unruly crowd that refused to leave the area for some time.

Chief believes the host was Juan Barajas who was cited for violating three city ordinances.

"We believe (the party) originated from social media from this Juan Barajas," Jones said. "I believe he is a local DJ but there were people from as far away as Morehead that had come to this. Apparently it was billed as quite the party."

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

Photo via Twitter

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