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Photos: Tour Covington's New Willow Run Rain Garden & Park

The City of Covington cut the ribbon Tuesday on the new Willow Run Rain Garden and Interpretive Park, located on the south side of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd near the I-71/75 exit ramp and James Simpson Way.

Through a partnership with Sanitation District 1 and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), the City used the construction of the park as part of its effort to mitigate the adverse effects to historic properties during the widening of MLK Blvd. 

Mitigation funds were made available through KYTC as were funds from SD1 for a water drainage control mechanism.

The new park that stretches multiple blocks includes a series of measures that will reduce rainwater runoff into the sewer system and five panels that tell the history of the Twelfth Street corridor in addition to explaining the new drainage control mechanisms.

The ribbon cutting followed a night of heavy rain and flooding throughout Covington that caused the types of problems this new system aims to address. "It's a shame we don't have more of this throughout the city," said Mayor Sherry Carran who was joined by City Commissioners Chuck Eilerman and Steve Frank as well as City Manager Larry Klein, other city officials, and representatives from the agencies involved in the park's creation.

The descriptive panels were designed by the firm Gray & Pape who were hired as cultural resources consultants for the project.

City Manager Klein said that when he joined the city staff as assistant city manager five years ago that this project was one of the first placed on his plate. "It's satisfying to see all this come to fruition," he said. 

The name of the new park was chosen collaboratively with the assistance of the Westside Action Coalition which was heavily involved in the planning process and was well represented at Tuesday's ribbon-cutting. The name honors Willow Run Creek which previously existed where the interstate now runs and served as an important part of Covington's late nineteenth century industrial history.

During the 1880s, commercial development near the creek included the construction of the Bavarian Brewery that used it as the water source for its operations. Two viaducts were later built across the creek at Third and Twelfth Streets to grant better access to Downtown Covington. Several parks also popped up along the site of Willow Run including Goebel Park and the Covington Ballpark at Ninth & Philadelphia Streets, both in Mainstrasse Village.

Notes from history indicate that the parks were used for picnics, sporting events, and circus performances. Once the interstate was built, Willow Run went away but left a mark on the development of the surrounding neighborhoods like Botany Hills, Lewisburg, Peaselburg, and the Westside.

Take a photo tour of the new park:

 photo IMG_20130702_140328_zpsa3b900c0.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_140449_zps9e871060.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141410_zps54c3c5a9.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141420_zps63a251d0.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141428_zps2d9554b0.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141438_zps4d848505.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141446_zpse69558ba.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141501_zps9b7bed9f.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141742_zps532b4200.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141755_zps50c7bb7c.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141806_zps16946a22.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141812_zps2624f9e1.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141821_zpsff9acf4c.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141845_zps41404de1.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141908_zpsdaeec8da.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141915_zpsd5570b49.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141922_zps2d14cf04.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141929_zpse29b7a5f.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141934_zps086ce69a.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141942_zps27863066.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_141952_zps219bcab4.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142023_zps2e746c47.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142035_zps92882239.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142047_zps5f8750e1.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142121_zps833bc58b.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142128_zpsfa60f064.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142133_zpsdc22a73f.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142140_zps54cf2e0b.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142150_zps5a7fc5d9.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142158_zps1246f0ba.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142247_zps12bbdcb9.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142307_zpscd24f374.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142329_zpsf78fe85f.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142403_zps828028a7.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142411_zpsd341d4dc.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142425_zps1f14e490.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142437_zpsb901062b.jpg  photo IMG_20130702_142447_zps0d1c9064.jpg

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