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Survey Seeks Ten Awesome Covington Businesses

A survey seeks a list of ten "awesome" Covington businesses to be featured in this year's Video Zine to be produced by the Awesome Collective of Covington, a follow-up to the wonderful printed zine published late last year.

Participants in the survey are asked to select businesses based on their status as "rookies" or "veterans". The five businesses selected in each category will be featured in the video that is set to premier on December 20, 2013 at The Carnegie.

Voting ends July 26.

Here is the description from the Awesome Collective survey:

First of all, thanks for being Awesome! 

Second, as you may know, the Awesome Collective will be releasing the 2013 Index of Awesome in video format on December 20th. To put together the printed version of last year's Index, we asked for submissions from you - fellow lovers of #theCOV - through our website, social media, and in person. The response we received was overwhelming and allowed us to create a zine stuffed with information about our great city that has been read and shared throughout the region. This year, we're asking you to help us build on last year's success by creating a video!

So how can you help? Two ways, actually. First, head over to Kickstarter and make a pledge to back the "Covington is Awesome" project by July 12th. Backers have the opportunity to earn rewards for making a pledge and more importantly, will help us take the project to the next level. Second, by completing this survey by July 26th, you are helping the AC select ten Awesome Covington businesses/organizations that deserve a little airtime in this year's video. You can vote for up to five businesses/organizations (yes, we know this will be difficult) in each of the two categories and write-in votes are accepted. The five from each category that receive the most votes will be featured in the Index. That's it!

Once again, thank you for being Awesome and for supporting the Awesome Collective over the last two years!

You can take the survey by clicking here.

Also, you can help The Awesome Collective in its goal of creating more awesomeness in the city. Details: Click Here


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