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Photos: High Water Closes Covington Streets, Rain Causes Minor Flooding

Heavy and ceaseless rainfall on Saturday morning caused more flooding in Covington and the surrounding areas, a repeat from Monday night's weather emergency.

Flash flooding and damaged pavement caused at least two roadways to be closed down completely.

A FLASH FLOOD WARNING remains in effect on Saturday till 3:15 p.m. for Campbell and Kenton Counties while a FLOOD WARNING is in effect till 6:30 p.m. for Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties as well as the southern Northern Kentucky Counties.

More rain is in the forecast every day until Friday. See the 7-day forecast by clicking here.

Readers of The River City News shared many photos of their experiences via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Below is a group of photos from readers and RCN

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 photo flashflood20_zpsa000bd7c.jpg  photo flashflood23_zps3fa46c08.jpg  photo flashflood21_zpsf3c8a8c7.jpg  photo flashflood24_zpsb5c4fb10.jpg  photo flashflood27_zps2d5e85c5.jpg  photo flashflood25_zpsca675a32.jpg  photo flashflood26_zpsc411a815.jpg  photo flashflood22_zps5276c0f1.jpg  photo flashflood29_zpsc4585cc8.jpg  photo flashflood28_zps917163f1.jpg  photo flashflood28_zps917163f1.jpg  photo flashflood29_zpsc4585cc8.jpg  photo flashflood16_zps1d40bc65.jpg  photo flashflood15_zpse39e7ef9.jpg  photo flashflood18_zps747874ba.jpg  photo flashflood17_zpseae70b43.jpg  photo flashflood14_zps2172ee0e.jpg  photo flashflood11_zpsd5f895a4.jpg  photo flashflood9_zpsc63ee0eb.jpg  photo flashflood10_zps81d32641.jpg  photo flashflood8_zps8abe24c3.jpg  photo flashflood19_zps5a22247f.jpg  photo flashflood13_zps8fba76ea.jpg  photo flashflood12_zps9a15ebc1.jpg