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Mainstrasse's Main Bite Scores Good Review from Enquirer

Mainstrasse Village's newest restaurant scored favorably with the Cincinnati Enquirer's food critic, Polly Campbell, who said the place "charms with fresh food, personality".

From the review:

Margie Potts is the chef and owner, and the food she serves at her charming new place isn’t trendy or researched or carefully themed. It’s just fresh food put together with some good ideas by a good cook – food you might make yourself if you spent a little time on it. The space is the same: comfortable and tasteful with the personality of its owner.

There is one sense in which Main Bite is very 2013: Potts is onto the idea that diners might rather have two or three small dishes than one or two huge ones. There’s a flexibility to the choices that lets the diner decide how much to eat and how much money to spend, and you won’t be toting home any styrofoam boxes in a shopping bag.

Main Bite lives in the low, gingerbread house built in 1840 that was most recently Lime Taqueria. There are 42 seats inside the small dining room. Outside are 58 more, making this a very weather-sensitive business.

Read the full review: Cincinnati Enquirer/Polly Campbell

Photo: Main Bite via its Facebook page