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Covington Tattoo Project to Launch in 2014

The Awesome Collective of Covington is excited to announce the organization will be collaborating with the founders of the The Lexington Tattoo Project on a very special project in 2014. The Covington Tattoo Project will launch in several phases over the course of 2014 and will be the first major project of the new year for the Awesome Collective (AC).
To kickoff this collaboration, Kremena Todorova and Kurt Gohde, the artists behind the The Lexington Tattoo Project, will serve as keynote speakers at the AC mini-conference on October 3 where they will discuss the details of TheLexington Tattoo Project and its impact on their community. The AC first met with Kremena and Kurt in May 2013 and will work closely with the pair throughout the course of the Covington project.
The Lexington Tattoo Project was originally created by Kremena Todorova and Kurt Gohde, professors of art and American literature respectively, at Transylvania University. What started as a Facebook request for Lexington residents to have the words of a love poem to the city, written by Kentucky poet Bianca Spriggs, inked on their bodies has become a local phenomenon and is garnering national attention. 
For more details on The Lexington Tattoo Project, visit:
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