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New York Times Correction: "It's Kentucky, Not West Virginia"

The New York Times had to issue a correction on Thursday after misidentifying the great Commonwealth of Kentucky.

In a story about the discovery of the remains of a sixteenth century fort in North Carolina, the Times included a map to note the location of Morganton, North Carolina where the fort was found by archaeologists.

The map highlights the states that border North Carolina and included a piece of Kentucky in the far northwest, west of Virginia.

In the original article, Kentucky was identified as being West Virginia.

The Times' correction reads:

A map with an article on Tuesday about the discovery of a 16th-century fort last month near Morganton, N.C., labeled incorrectly a state that borders Virginia to the west. It is Kentucky, not West Virginia.

Of course everything south of New York City is Texas, though, right?

Read the full story: The New York Times

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