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One Year Injury Free for Covington Department of Public Improvements

"This is an incredible accomplishment," said City Manager Larry Klein as the Covington City Commission voted to recognize the Department of Public Improvements for going 365 days without a loss-time injury.

"This is one of those phenomenal accomplishments we like to brag about here in the city," Klein said. "It means our employees are safe, tax money is saved, and there is greater productivity."

July 16 marked the official one-year timeframe in which the department went free of serious injuries. 

The accomplishment has saved the City $153,000 in insurance premium costs since 2011 and a fifty percent decrease overall since 2009.

$840,000 was spent on workers compensation in 2009 while last year that number dropped to $409,000.

Human Resources Manager JoAnn Simpson and Risk Manager Bob Stark were credited with the establishing the program and ensuring its success. 

The Safety Awards program was implemented in 2011, two years after the workers compensation program was introduced. It includes a holistic focus on safety in the workplace with features such as additional safety training, complete analysis of every accident reported with changes implemented to increase safety in those areas of incident, implementation of proactive and regular safety checks on equipment and an Education program for employees  to make sure they understand how to report unsafe conditions.

"This is great news," said City Commissioner Steve Frank. "The reorganization (of DPI) made people wonder if we would be safe. Apparently it's working and the savings are starting to show up."

"Bob has been instrumental in creating a much safer workplace for our valued employees, the added benefit of the program is significant savings to the city in insurance premium costs; the safety award recognizes our employees for their effort in implementing and following through the process we have put into place," Simpson said.

Klein said the City is looking at a way to help the Department of Public Improvements celebrate its accomplishment.

Photo: DPI vehicle/RCN file

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