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Demolition Makes Way for Schneider's Sweet Shop Expansion

Schneider's Sweet Shop in Bellevue knocked down the building next door so that the candy store can expand its operations and offer outdoor seating to its guests on Fairfield Avenue.

The business's owner, Jack Schneider, told The River City News that he had wanted the circa-1889 building removed for twenty years. It had fallen into disrepair and was in bad shape and will now allow for a locally-owned independent business to grow. Schneider's opened in 1939 and is now operated by its second generation.

The building was brought down during a rainy Saturday morning.

Below are photos from the beginning of the demolition. Follow Schneider's on Facebook for updates.

 photo IMG_20130727_090003_zpsc64e6cb5.jpg  photo IMG_20130727_085827_zpscbe71ff9.jpg  photo IMG_20130727_085811_zps9a859229.jpg  photo IMG_20130727_085800_zps912abf2e.jpg  photo IMG_20130727_085752_zps65dfe9e8.jpg  photo IMG_20130727_085745_zpsd114db3d.jpg  photo IMG_20130727_085732_zps02815c06.jpg  photo IMG_20130727_085723_zps8b3e1173.jpg  photo IMG_20130727_085214_zps3e0ec118.jpg