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Report: Enquirer Lays Off More Employees, Closes Kentucky Office

The Cincinnati Enquirer suffered another round of layoffs Thursday as did many of its sister publications across the country owned by Gannett.

City Beat, Cincinnati's alternative weekly newspaper, reported that it was tipped off to the layoffs that were eventually picked up by Gannett Blog which indicated eleven layoffs in the Cincinnati market and where a commenter suggested that the Kentucky office was closing.

That news was later posted to Twitter by Paul McKibben, one of the Kentucky edition writers laid off Thursday. "ky and butler-warren bureaus closing and moving to elm st," McKibben tweeted. Elm St. is the Downtown Cincinnait location of the Enquirer offices.

Amanda Joering also posted to Twitter that she was one of the reporters let go Thursday.

An anonymous commenter at Gannett Blog posted, "Among those laid off in Cincinnati, a veteran assistant Local editor, a veteran theater critic and a Local news reporter native to Cincinnati with sources in Ohio and Kentucky. The Enquirer once employed a Pulizer-winning cartoonist, a movie critic and political reporters with thick Rolodexes. All now gone. The big loser is Cincinnati, not Gannett."

There is an interesting story out of Nashville, where the Gannett-owned Tennesseean also laid off workers, that is being passed around the internet. A reporter there was working on a scoop and just moments after he got the confirmation he needed for the story, he was called into Human resources and told that he was being let go. So he walked across the street to the Nashville City Paper where the story was run.