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County Attorney Continues Effort to Oust Williams from Covington Commission

Kenton County Attorney Garry Edmondson still wants to see Covington City Commissioner Michelle Williams removed from office, even though Attorney General Jack Conway's office determined last week that the first-term commissioner can remain in office.

WLWT reports that Edmondson said he wants to be appointed as special attorney general to remove Williams.

It was Edmondson's office that first began an investigation into Williams' criminal record back in June and days later concluded that Williams was not holding office legally, saying that her record includes what he determined to be "high misdemeanors".

Kentucky's constitution forbids officials from elected service if they have ever been convicted of a felony or a "high misdemeanor".

Two days later, Attorney General Conway's office said the decision was not Edmondson's to make and that the determination on Williams eligibility would be made in Frankfort.

From WLWT:

"Certainly stealing mail is a felony and further requires her ouster and further demonstrates that she is and was always a usurper of the office," Edmondson said in a statement.

Edmondson said his office was prepared to accept appointment as special attorney general to remove Williams if Conway continued to be reluctant to do so.

Photo: Michelle Williams

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