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Landor to Brand Covington, Pending Commission Approval

The marketing firm behind 2012's heralded C+V=G campaign in Covington looks to return to town handle a broader marketing campaign for the city.

The Covington City Commission on Tuesday will consider awarding a bid to Landor Associations, a Cincinnati-based firm headed byCEO and Covington resident Mary Zalla.

According to the city commission agenda, the contract for branding services not to exceed $109,250, payable from a community planning challenge grant through the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development. The adoption of a new branding strategy is also part of the Center City Action Plan, developed throughout 2012 and formally adopted by the city commission in June.

Landor was one of three companies vying for the opportunity. The River City News has learned that the other two companies were Covington-based BLDG and Cincinnati-based LPK.

Former Mayor Chuck Scheper sought out Landor's help in 2012 and unveiled the C+V=G campaign at his first and only State of the City address in January of that year. (C+V=G is a play on Covington that translates to Courage plus Vision equals Growth). The company performed the work as a contribution to Scheper's efforts to increase economic development in the city and the images were soon seen in vacant storefronts across town and on lapel pins worn by city leaders and residents alike.

Below is the video that debuted during Scheper's speech:

Note: An earlier version of this story indicated the contract would not exceed $85,000 due to an error printed on the agenda issued by Covington City Hall. The number is now correct ($109,250).

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

Photo: C+V=G sign at January 2012's State of the City address/RCN file

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