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Taylor Mill Road Project Continues, Part of KY 16 to Be Renumbered

Detours continue along the Taylor Mill Road widening project around the Shoppes at Taylor Mill (where the Remke's grocery is located) and will continue until the state fire marhal inspects the newly installed traffic lights and Duke Energy arrives to power them.

The road now dubbed "Pride Parkway" will be where Kentucky 16 now continues (to the north of the BP gas station) while Taylor Mill Road, as it continues south through Taylor Mill and towards South Covington, will be renumbered Kentucky 3716, Transportation Cabinet District 6 Spokesperson Nancy Wood told The River City News.

The traffic light installed at the southern end of Old Taylor Mill Road and Taylor Mill Road (right at the Welcome to Covington sign) will be removed when construction work is completed.

Wood told The River City News that there will be three new stoplights in all along the new roads with the one at Pride Parkway among them, as well as two others, one at Scott High School, and the other at Hands Pike in Covington.

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Wood expects the detours around the BP and the Shoppes to be removed within the next couple of weeks.

When complete, some sections of the new roadway will have five lanes, including a continuous center turning lane. Elsewhere, it will have a raised grass median. The roadway also will have curbs, gutters and 7-foot-wide sidewalks. The alignments at the Senour Road and Hands Pike intersections were improved in the first phase.

The entire Taylor Mill Road widening project got under way in spring 2011 with construction on the southern section, followed by construction on the northern section in summer 2012. To date, the cost of design, right of way, utilities and construction of all three sections totals $79.2 million.

The southern section, between Klette Road and Sunbrite Drive, was completed this year. The northern section, from Blackstone Court to I-275, will be finished soon. The center section has a scheduled completion of spring 2016.

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