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Sisters & Husbands Open Indoor Archery Range in Latonia

Sandy and Carl Harney & Stephanie and Rick Crane had been thinking about a business opportunity for themselves when retirement comes along.

While retirement will wait, the opportunity won't. 

The couples have opened Center Shot Archery in a former church and Mason hall on Inez Street in Latonia.

"We kicked around a few ideas but found that it was trouble to find a place (for archers) to shoot," Sandy said.

She and her sister Stephanie grew up around the outdoors. Their grandfather and father were both avid sportsmen and Carl hunted from a young age. Archery is often limited to outside city limits so the couples found a way to bring the sport to town.

They looked into leasing a space but could not find one that was affordable and the right size and instead opted to buy the former Golden Rule Lodge where they have transformed the space into an archery range, a repair shop, a retail store, and a party room in the basement.

"We've had a lot of excitement," Sandy said. "Everyone that comes in has been pumped."

All four of them will still work full-time while the business gets going. The Harneys live in Rabbit Hash and the Cranes live near Richwood. So far they have promoted Center Shot at various archery shoots across the region.

Each of them is certified to teach archery in a school setting and have been contacting districts about offering that possibility.

In addition to selling and repairing archery equipment, those curious about the sport can rent a bow and three arrows for $10 and then rent time on the range for $8/half hour or $12/hour.

Center Shot is open Sunday from 12-5, closed Monday, open Tuesday through Friday from 5-8, and Saturday from 10-6.

Follow Center Shot Archery on Facebook by clicking here.

Story & photos by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

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