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Commissioner Calls for Kenton Co. Animal Shelter to Be "No-Kill"

Kenton County Commissioner Kris Knochelmann is calling for the Kenton County Animal Shelter to become a "no-kill" shelter.

“It has recently come to my attention that it is a practice of our Kenton County Animal shelter to euthanize animals in the county’s care while there are empty cages and space available at the shelter,” Knochelmann said in a news release. “While I understand that euthanasia is an unfortunate part of operating every animal shelter, it does not have to be done to the extent that it is currently.”
Knochelmann announced in June that he would challenge Judge-Executive Steve Arlinghaus in the Republican Primary for the county's top elected post next year.
“Today I am calling on our Judge-Executive to draft a resolution to fix this problem and make the Kenton County Animal Shelter a No‐Kill Shelter,” said Knochelmann.
The Crescent Springs businessman cited Boone County as an example of a successful transition to "no-kill" status.
He cited a Cincinnati Enquirer article that reported that in 2011, Boone County successfully transitioned to a no‐kill shelter with "great success and praise from the community".
“This is something that we are able to do and the people we represent are in favor of,” said Knochelmann. 
According to the Enquirer, in 2010 the Boone County shelter took in nearly 4,000 animals and of those, 2,100 were killed. 
"When Boone County made the change, they proved that animals were not un‐adoptable; rather, not enough effort had been given to connecting unwanted pets with a new home," Knochelmann said.
"I am confident that the goal of a “No Kill Facility” can be accomplished by additional effort and focus with little to no impact on the counties’ finances."
Photo: Kenton Co. Animal Shelter via its Facebook page


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