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Landscaping Work Continues on MLK Blvd.

The median at Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard is now full of green life.

Installation of plants, trees, and an irrigation system is close to completion.

In April, the Covington City Commission approved a contract with Tepe Environmental Services to complete the work at a cost of $89,000 from a state grant. The city had budgeted $150,000 for the work and will use the $61,000 in savings on other road improvement projects, The River City News reported in April.

SECO Electric also worked on the project at MLK Blvd. The area will also have electrical outlets that can be used for lights during holidays and other events.

"This is a major gateway into our city so hopefully the landscaping will bring some relief to the heavy concrete and pavement along this road and make it more pleasing to both pedestrians and vehicles," said City Engineer Mike Yeager in June.

Once the work is completed, the city's urban forestry department will be in charge of maintenance. The city recently hired five new employees with the specific intent of assigning them to this project in addition to a variety of other duties.

Some of the plants that will be installed include caryopteris petit-bleu, dwarf fountain grass, daub's frosted, white fringe tree, gold coast, dynamite crate myrtle, pocomoke, serviceberry, big blue, everlow, prospector elm, and kousa dogwood.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

Photos by RCN:

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