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Kentucky Nuns Protest Pipeline, Fracking

The proposed Bluegrass Pipeline that would connect natural gas operations in Pennsylvania to Kentucky (which already has a pipeline that connects it to the Gulf Coast), is meeting some holy opposition.

The Sisters of Loretto, a 200-year old order of nuns in Marion County, have refused to allow energy companies to survey their 780 acres to build the pipeline.

"This has the potential for danger and for pollution of this very precious resource," said Sister Maria Visse to the environmental news project Climate Desk. Visse has been with the Sisters of Loretto since 1955.

The proposed Bluegrass Pipeline is being overseen by Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Williams Partners and Houston, Texas-based Boardwalk Pipeline Partners.

It would carry pressurized natural gas liquids.

A spokesman for Boardwalk Partners said the company had already received permission to survey 90 percent of the pipeline route, according to the video. 

Watch the video: