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Sports History Professor Wins "Outstanding" Honor from NKU

Northern Kentucky University has named Dr. Alar Lipping, a professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health, as the university’s 2013 Frank Sinton Milburn Outstanding Professor.
Lipping served the past four years as president of the NKU Faculty Senate, and he will move into the role of chair of the Department of Kinesiology and Health this fall.
“Dr. Lipping is a consummate teacher, scholar and university citizen who inspires students to venture beyond their comfort zone and become agents for change,” said Gail Wells, NKU vice president for academic affairs and provost. “He sets the example for students through scholarly work that broadens the dimensions of his academic discipline. And, he provides leadership across the university to improve teaching and support of professional development, and to effect changes in policy for the benefit of students, faculty and staff.”
Lipping maintains an instructional website on which he has posted training from more than 30 professional development seminars on the campus of NKU and at the state and national levels. His website is found here. He developed a course on web-based learning activities for teaching practitioners in health and physical education. He also participated in a Center for Integrative Natural Science and Mathematics grant to develop web-based learning activities for math and science teachers. More than 400 students in NKU teacher education programs who participated in his course subsequently met the technology standards of the International Society of
Technology Education.
In the classroom, Lipping motivates students through challenging activities and critical dialogue that stretch their view of their potential and encourage civic participation, according to an NKU press release. Not only does he instill in students an appreciation for research, but he also encourages them to develop a better understanding of the world around them and creative solutions to public issues. Several of his former students credit Lipping with inspiring them to pursue postsecondary degrees.
Lipping’s research agenda builds upon his academic foundations as a doctoral student, merging interests in sports history, sports sociology and fitness behavior. A primary focus of his scholarly activity combines sports history and sports sociology, extending the study of sports history into examination of the relationship of sports to societal institutions such as education, mass media, economics and politics. He has published 62 scholarly articles and presented 47 international and national papers, which reach across organizations as diverse as the North American Society for Sport History; the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; the Popular Culture/American Culture Associations; and the International Congress of the European Committee for Sport History. He was a founding member of the North American Society for Sport Management.
Among his scholarly works are book chapters on Cold War politics and the Olympics, and the use of Olympic boycotts to make political statements. He has published and made presentations on social settlement workers and public recreation reform in the lower east side of New York, as well as an examination of the transformation of higher education in America led by former Harvard President Charles W. Elliot in the late 1800s. In addition, his publications include a series of articles on Negro leagues that existed prior to the integration of baseball. He received the NKU Faculty Excellence Award for Sustained Scholarship in 2008.
Despite a rigorous teaching schedule and an energetic scholarly agenda, Lipping has made significant service contributions to the university. He served a decade on the Faculty Senate, including terms as vice-president and president. In 2010, he played an instrumental role in the rebirth of a teaching and learning conference now known as the Meet, Greet and Grab a Seat event at the start of the fall semester. He provided critical faculty leadership through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools reaffirmation process and development of the Foundations of Knowledge General Education Program. More recently, he served on the presidential search committee and the mission and vision sub-committee of the five-year strategic planning committee.
Lipping received baccalaureate and master’s degrees in physical education at the City University of New York. He earned a Ph.D. at The Ohio State University with a major emphasis in physical education and minor areas of study in history and foundations of education. He taught at Miami University eight years before joining the NKU faculty in 1988. He was promoted to full professor at NKU in 2005.
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Photo: Dr. Alar Lipping/NKU